Professional references by request. 
Private Consulting/Expert Witness Cases

2018 Gaudio vs Moule. Claim that Arbovitae trees encroach from the Moule property onto the Gaudio property. Richard Kitrick, Esq. Little Egg harbor, NJ. 

2018 Gap Organic Blueberry Farm, Lacey, NJ. Expert witness for plaintiff claiming part ownership. Ron Prusek, Esquire., Toms River, NJ (in progress)

2017 Florida Greenhouse Case. Orlando, Florida, Expert Witness for Nationwide Insurance Company covering hurricane damage for very large greenhouse operation. David Brock, Agent.
2017 Premier Citrus vs Ag Spectrum, Inc. Expert Witness for plaintiff with respect to citrus greening disease losses on 120,000 acres of citrus in Florida. Ryon McCabe, Attorney, West Plam Beach, Florida. (in progress)

  2016 Saranam vs Curtis and Curtis, Inc. Damages sought for Alfalfa Seed Contaminated with Clover Seed. K. L. Beal, Attorney, New Mexico. (settled)

  2016 Blueberry farm economic analysis. Hammonton, NJ. Costigan and Costigan, Attorneys. (settled)

  2015 OVW vs Good Earth Horticulture. Alleged poor performance of greenhouse crops in potting soil. (settled)

  2015 Hoffman vs James. Corn and soybean losses due to flooding induced by defendant. (settled)

  2013-2015 Abrams Wheat and Soybean Crop Loss Case (Abrams vs Allen and Kunkell), Expert Witness. Polino and Pinto, Attorneys, Moorestown, NJ. Burlington County, NJ. (settled)

  2013-2014 Cleary Law, Rutherford, NJ. Narrow-leaved Evergreen Tree Pruning Damage Consulting/Expert Witness Case for Kathleen Tanis, Executrix of the Estate of Rhona Kijewski (settled). Cleary Law, Attorney, Rutherford, NJ

  2005 Morro Creek Avocado Ranch, Morro Bay, California, Agricultural Viability Report II. 
2005 Kern Avocado Ranch, San Luis Obispo, California, Diagnose tree problems and estimate tree and crop losses. 
2003 Brown vs Davey Tree Company & Southern California 
Edison. Assess avocado orchard (60 acres) losses due to fire. $5.2 million losses claimed; $400,000 settlement paid by my client based on my report/deposition.
  Sharon Urias, Attorney, Thelen Reid and Priest LLP,  
  Los Angeles, CA 90071-3193
  1998 New avocado orchard recommendations, Cayucos, California. 
1998 Tremper, Inc., Nipomo, California. Assessment of lemon orchard losses due to water shortages. 
1997 Avila Beach, California. Assessment of new avocado orchard feasibility. 
1997 -98 Morro Creek Avocado Ranch, Morro Bay, California. Agricultural Viability Report. 
1995-97 Covington vs. Minnig et al. Expert witness with respect to miscellaneous crop losses due to fire, Nipomo, California. 
1996 Avocado orchard assessment, Avila Beach, California. 
1996 Citrus/avocado orchard assessment, Cayucos, California. 
1993-94 Ramos Insurance Group. Expert witness with respect to lemon and grapefruit crop losses on 200 acres. 
1992 Martinez vs. Edison. Expert witness with respect to avocado tree growth, etc. 
1991-92 Fleming vs. Sluski et al. Expert witness with respect to avocado orchard management. 
1990-91 Avocado orchard assessment and fertilizer recommendations (Crowther), Cambria, California. 

1989-90 Avocado orchard assessment (Tichener), San Luis Obispo, California. 
1989 Citrus management (Sanderson), San Luis Obispo, California. 
1988 Citrus nutritional problems, Avila Beach, California. 
1988 Avocado orchard management, Morro Bay, California. 
1985 Moore and Parker, citrus and avocado orchards, Morro Bay, 
California. On-site consultation with respect to all aspects of 
planning new plantings of Valencia orange and Hass avocado 
trees, November 17. 
1983 Stubbe Canyon Ranch, West Palm Springs, California. 
Consultation with respect to cultural practices for miscellaneous 
fruit trees (pomegranate, citrus, stone fruits, etc.), September 23. 
1983 Schilling, et al, versus Ovard/Chaney. Expert witness with respect 
to avocado (nine orchards), grapefruit (one orchard), and grape 
(two vineyards) losses (trees, vines, crops, and equipment) from a 
brush fire, September 24. 
1981-83 Lauringson Enterprises versus Paciflc Gas and Electric. Expert 
witness with respect to lemon crop and tree losses that could be 
attributed to electrical power failures which caused wind machines 
to be inoperable during a severe frost. 
1980 Morro Creek Avocado Ranch, Highway 41, Morro Bay, California. 
Consultation concerning potassium deficiency problems and tree 
pruning and other topics. 
1980 The Born Again Ranch, Cuyama, California. Consultation 
concerning pear orchard culture and marketing and other potential 
orchard crops. 

1978-1979 Bierer, Inc., Gorda, California. Designed and planned apple 
orchard and corresponding cultural practices, December to March